ClickLawMarketing - 5 Ways to Improve Your Legal Marketing During Coronavirus


5 Ways to Improve Your Legal Marketing During Coronavirus

The current crisis is having a significant impact on everyone from businesses to those of us who work in the legal sector, while it may seem that now is a time to batten down the business hatches, marketing can play a vital role in ensuring your law firm works it’s way through the outbreak in…

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How Law Firms Should be Marketing During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus has, as of today, impacted over 120 countries worldwide and every lawyer and law firm will be feeling the impact, both professionally and personally as governments clamour to gain some semblance of control over the situation, shifting strategies and trying to prop up businesses and economies across the globe while keeping populations safe.  But…

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Should Legal Practices in Focus on Social Media or Email Marketing?

As the second decade of the 21st century slowly comes to an end, it is becoming obvious that the future of marketing is online. The Internet has enabled businesses from a wide variety of industries to reach their clients faster and to establish a more personal connection with them through social media. Solicitors, like all…

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5 Ways for Law Practices to Build on Digital Marketing

‘Transformative’ isn’t a word used to typically describe the professional services industry. The same is even more apt when analysing the digital efforts emerging from the law sector. Below Craig Johnson at Kagool discusses the opportunities for digital marketing in the legal sphere. Often falling short of today’s fast-paced online world, law practices can be…

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Here’s How Law Firms Can Avoid Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Unfortunately, there are many mistakes you can make when it comes to emailing, and for a law firm, reputation is often key. Below Lawyer Monthly benefits from expert insight from Helen Cox, a highly-experienced, CIM-qualified (Chartered Institute of Marketing) marketing consultant with MCIM status. Helen delves into the key mistakes ot avoid, and steps you…

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New vs Old Marketing Methods for Law Firms

Thanks to digital communication, almost everything about standard marketing from merely a few years ago has  changed. The avenues for gaining and attaining clients have been widened, which could be beneficial for savvy businesses but also poses problems for businesses that have to focus on creating a completely new strategy. But what can law firms…

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