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Google PPC Campaign Management

Often overlooked by businesses, PPC marketing can be the secret to leveraging audience searches into customers.

Often overlooked by businesses, PPC marketing can be the secret to leveraging audience searches into customers. 

Our PPC team produces and executes profitable paid marketing strategies for your business. We use data-driven insights along with a combination of technology and creativity to drive high performance campaigns that make a tangible difference to your lead generation and bottom line.

We are specialists in creating high performing PPC campaigns across Search, Display and Shopping. Our team uses a combination of technology and creativity to gain increased visibility for your target audience.

If you already carry out PPC advertising on search networks, we can take the hard work out of your hands.  We perform PPC audits to determine how well your existing campaigns are performing and where the opportunities for growth and improvement lie.  PPC is time-consuming and requires experience and expertise.  We can operate the account management of your campaign and improve performance for you so you can concentrate on what you do.

Google PPC Management
Starts From £ 450 /MONTH + £250 set up fee Does not include PPC Campaign spending budget
  • Initial audit
  • Keyword review
  • Ad content copy creation
  • Monthly Reports

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